BoltClean inner and outer

BoltClean – thread cleaners

Save money on nuts, bolts and studs by re-using them. The BoltClean system returns your fasteners to their original state. The friction coefficient will be recovered completely, which will result in a perfect transition from torque to preload.

Cleaned threads prevent the galling of nuts and bolts, while guaranteeing a more accurate preload with les scatter.

Better than manual brushing and (sand) blasting

The BoltClean system is a fast, safe and easy way to clean corroded studs, nuts and bolts. The unique brushing system smoothens threaded surfaces and recovers the original friction coefficient.  The BoltClean system cleans more intensively and more evenly than manual methods. Furthermore: the BoltClean system does not damage the thread, unlike other methods like (sand) blasting.

ProfiClean schroefdraad reinigen

External Thread Cleaners

External Thread Cleaners are specifically designed for studs and bolts with size M8 up to M230. The cleaning heads are available in various adjustable models that will all cover a certain range of bolt sizes. Its clever design allows the operator to easily change the internal diameter, making it a versatile solution that is not limited to just one specific bolt size. The spring-loaded system ensures that there is always the right amount of pressure on the thread and shaft of the bolt. The vertically placed round brushes reduce the amount of friction between the cleaning head and thread, making the ARG series the most comfortable thread cleaner on the market.

Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Thread Cleaning Box

The BoltClean Thread Cleaning Box (or TCB for short) is a housing for all models of the ARG external thread cleaner, making it a all-in-one solution for the cleaning of a wide range of studs and bolts. It comes with a durable aluminum casing that protects the operator from moving parts and can be securely mounted to a table or work bench. The dust extraction adapter ensures safer and cleaner working conditions, while the automatic shutoff feature activates when the lid is opened during operation, ensuring increased safety.