The extension extends your socket wrench axially for pleasant work on deeper bolted connections. Compatible with the ICE, Avanti, jGUN and Lithium series.


Technical data

DIMS Extensie
ModelArt. nr.SplineSQ (S)Length (L)Width (W)
7" Type-017”JGUN-A1EXT-7Type 01¾"195 mm63 mm
9" Type-019” JGUN-A1EXT-9Type 01¾"246 mm63 mm
12" Type-0112" JGUN-A1EXT-12Type 01¾"308 mm63 mm
12" Type-0312" JGUN-A3EXT-12Type 031"308 mm80 mm
16" Type-0316" JGUN-A3EXT-16Type 031"406 mm80 mm
20" Type-0320" JGUN-A3EXT-20Type 031"508 mm80 mm
36" Type-0336" JGUN-A3EXT-36Type 031"914 mm80 mm