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Clicker Torque Wrench

The HYTORC Clicker Wrench is a simple and convenient tool for tightening nuts to specification in a wide range of bolting applications. This micro-adjustable torque wrench is available in various drive sizes and torque capacities. Handles are lightly knurled for a tough, non-slip grip. The tool has a spring-loaded pull down Lock Ring and an easy-to-read laser-etched dual scale to quickly and easily set torque. The wrench also features a quick-release button for easy socket removal. The HYTORC Clicker Wrench is supplied with an ISO certified calibration certificate.

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Quick Release Button

The Quick Release Button, conveniently located near the drive, easily engages and disengages the socket from the drive and provides strong socket retention.

Quick Release Button HYTORC handmomentsleutel
Ratchet Reversing Lever HYTORC handmomentsleutel

Ratchet Reversing Lever

The Ratchet Reversing Lever quickly and conveniently changes the ratcheting direction. The lever has three positions: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, and Locked.

Lock Ring

The spring-loaded positive Lock Ring easily and securely sets the torque value. The laser-etched dual torque scales are clearly legible in both imperial and metric

Lock Ring HYTORC handmomentsleutel


Technical data

model drive A B C D weight min. torque max. torque increments
MW-006-60NM-RMHSS 3/8'' 413 mm 47 mm 38 mm 35 mm 1,1 kg 10 Nm 60 Nm 0,5 Nm
MW-006-100NM-RMHSS 3/8'' 413 mm 47 mm 38 mm 35 mm 1,1 kg 20 Nm 100 Nm 0,5 Nm
MW-008-200NM-RMHSS 1/2'' 503 mm 47 mm 38 mm 35 mm 1,5 kg 40 Nm 200 Nm 2 Nm
MW-008-340NM-RMHSS 1/2'' 625 mm 47 mm 38 mm 35 mm 1,5 kg 60 Nm 340 Nm 2 Nm
MW-010-800NM-RMHSS 3/4'' 1051 mm 61 mm 58 mm 35 mm 5,4 kg 150 Nm 800 Nm 5 Nm