Safer, more accurate and faster

LoadDISC is a washer that is placed under a regular nut. This ingenious design allows you to work hands-free, without a reaction arm or a backup wrench, thereby increasing productivity and safety. Accuracy is also improved at the same time, thereby completely eliminating leaking joints! LoadDISC has been independently tested and it won the ESEF Engineering Award for the most innovative new product. ASME PCC-1-2013 approved LoadDISC as a method of parallel tightening flange couplings with multi-tool systems.

  • Difficulty to achieve the required accuracy
  • Galled bolts
  • Torsion in the bolts, particularly with long bolts
  • No proper support point
  • Risk of finger entrapment
  • Bolts running loose or bolts that are subject to vibrations

The LoadDISC has been independently tested and has won the ESEF Engineering Award for the most innovative new product. According to ASME PCC-1-2013, the LoadDISC is approved as a method for parallel closing of flange connections with Simultorc-tool systems. Especially when closing flange connections at refineries, the LoadDISC has more than earned its spurs.

Prevents damage to the flange surface

The LoadDISC does not rotate along the flange surface. This prevents damage and repair costs are prevented. Damage to the flange surface results in an uncontrolled and irregular increase in the coefficient of friction, with the result that a flange does not close in parallel. This will damage gaskets and cause leaking flanges. To avoid loss costs and damage to people and the environment, the connection must be disconnected, the gasket replaced and the flange re-closed, resulting in high costs.

How it works

This video shows where and how the LoadDISC is applied. Pay particular attention to the ease of assembly and the possibility to attach the wrench to the LoadDISC, so that it can also be used vertically and even upside down. The LoadDISC is the precursor to the HYTORC Washer.