RFA – Reaction fixture

Safety, accuracy and speed are paramount at HYTORC. The RFA reaction arm, which makes working with two wrenches at the same time possible, is the result thereof. Two wrenches can be mounted on the Reaction Fixture Assembly (RFA).

Adjustable in the longitudinal direction to be able to adapt to the centre distance of the bolts.

Safe: because the two wrenches are supported against each other instead of against a fixed point or neighbour bolt. The probability of the operator becoming entrapped between the reaction arm and the support point is eliminated. Two safety handles optimise safety.

Fast: two bolts can be fastened at the same time.

Accurate: the accuracy of the bolt load achieved is increased when braced on a point further away. Maintenance and wear also decrease as the reaction point moves further away, because the side load decreases and the stress on the wrench is reduced.

No damage: No damage to expensive coatings or the finished surface of your system components; support is gained from neighbour bolts and not the flange, housing or pipe wall.

Crab nut

The RFA is also available as a U-shaped version. With this so called crab nut you can work your way around any obstacles.


Technical data

Model Min. L1 Max. L2
Type .7 150 mm 200 mm
Type 01 115 mm 130 mm
Type 01 140 mm 160 mm
Type 01 180 mm 210 mm
Type 01 200 mm 250 mm
Type 01 250 mm 270 mm
Type 03 300 mm 400 mm
Type 05 188 mm 212 mm
Type 08 185 mm 265 mm
Type 08 260 mm 340 mm
Type 08 360 mm 440 mm
Type 10 185 mm 265 mm
Type 10 360 mm 440 mm
Type 10 750 mm 780 mm
Type 20 400 mm 490 mm