TPF – Reaction fixture

Safety, accuracy and speed are paramount at HYTORC. The TPF reaction arm, where support is provided through a standard socket placed on an adjacent bolt head, is the result thereof.

Adjustable to the distance between the bolts.

Safe: because both sockets are placed over or in the bolt heads. The probability of the operator becoming entrapped between reaction arm and support point is eliminated.

Accurate: the accuracy of the bolt load achieved is increased when braced on a point further away from the torqued bolt. The bigger the distance, the bigger the positieve effect. Maintenance and wear also decrease as the reaction point moves further away, because the side load decreases and the stress on the wrench is reduced.

No damage: no damage to expensive coatings or the finished surface of your system components; support is gained from the neighbour bolt and not the flange, housing or pipe wall.

Easy and safe to use

The reaction socket, cup or pin can be slided over the full length of the TPF. Thanks to the safety handle, both hands stay away from any pinch points. The handle can be rotated 360 degrees, so the socket or cup can be placed over the neighbour nut easily.


Since the TPF reaction fixture is equipped with standard square drives, you can use your own (hex) sockets.


Technical data

Model Min. Length L1 Min. Length L2 SQ
Type .7 57 mm 305 mm ¾”
Type 01 76 mm 305 mm ¾”
Type 03 127 mm 320 mm 1”
Type 05 114 mm 305 mm 1 ½”
Type 08 150 mm 470 mm 1 ½”
Type 10 178 mm 356 mm 1 ½”

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