HYTORC WTCT veiligheidsreactiearm

WTCT – Reaction fixture

The WT CUP TRAY (WTCT) is a reaction arm whereby support is provided through an adjustable reaction cup. Adjustable in the longitudinal direction to be able to adapt to the required distance.

Safe: because the reaction cup is placed over the neighbour bolt. Pinch hazards for the operator are eliminated. Two carrying handles provide the best safety possible.

Accurate: The accuracy of the bolt force achieved is increased when braced on a point further away. Maintenance and wear also decrease as the reaction point moves further away, because the side load decreases and the stress on the wrench is reduced.

No Damage: No damage to expensive coatings or the finished surface of your system components; support is gained from the neighbour bolt and not the flange, housing or pipe wall.

Curved design

The WTCT reaction fixture is also available as a curved version. Standard lengths are available from stock, but any other length/shape can be provided upon request. Reaction cups can be provided for standard nuts or bolt heads (6 or 12 sided), but also with a pin cup for socket head screws (see image below).