Lithium Gun – Electric torque wrench

Total freedom: No more cables, hoses or pumps

Meet the LITHIUM GUN series from HYTORC. The LITHIUM GUN  is designed with an eye for quality, user-friendliness and the best possible final result. There is a range of 5 battery operated models with torques ranging from 48 to 4,067 Nm. All LITHIUM GUN models are fitted with a gearbox with two speeds and a digital processor for setting the desired torque or rotation angle to be able to achieve an accuracy of 5%.

Battery operated torque wrenches are ideal for almost every situation, but in particular where compressed air or electricity is not available.

LITHIUM GUN comes as standard with 2 batteries, a quick charger, a reaction arm and a carrying case. The quick charging system allows for continuous work with the GUN, without waiting time between charging cycles.

Torque and angle tightening

All models have a digital processor with which the LITHIUM GUN tightens nuts and bolts directly to the preset torque, or via a preset angle of rotation. Did you know that a combination of torque tightening and tightening based on an angle of rotation produces the most accurate results? Both methods are possible.

Lithium Interface Nm
run down torque lithium

Speed mode & Power mode

The LITHIUM GUN has two tightening speeds: the so-called rundown mode (for quickly tightening nuts onto the surface) and the torque mode (for tightening to the proper torque). This makes the LITHIUM GUN unique in its class and speeds of up to 180 revolutions per minute can be achieved with smaller models. This is significantly higher than comparable models on the market, which could add up to a lead time reduction a few times over on your bolting jobs!

Light and robust but unprecedentedly powerful

The Lithium Gun series has the highest power-to-weight ratio compared to any other battery-powered torque wrench. The Lithium Gun is manufactured from high-quality components which make this electric torque wrench lightweight but still very robust. With a weight of only 4.3 kg (including 36 volt battery), the Lithium Gun is the lightest of its kind and the only one in its class.

Lithium Gun + Ophangoog
Lithium Battery 36V

Pure productivity

Standard the Lithium Gun comes with 2 batteries and a fast charging system. While one battery is used, the other can recharge to the maximum level. This way you will never be without power and you can work non-stop.


Technical data

Lithium Gun Dimensions
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)SQWeightTorque Range
Lithium Gun .25326 mm88 mm257 mm64 mm½"4,32 kg47 - 441 Nm
Lithium Gun .7326 mm88 mm282 mm66 mm¾"4,63 kg203 - 949 Nm
Lithium Gun 1326 mm88 mm291 mm66 mm¾"4,81 kg271 - 1.627 Nm
Lithium Gun 2335 mm88 mm291 mm81 mm1"6,44 kg441 - 2.712 Nm
Lithium Gun 3335 mm88 mm338 mm81 mm1"7,08 kg678 - 4.067 Nm
ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Length (L)Diameter (D)SQWeightTorque Range
Lithium Gun .2512.85"3.47"10.12"2.50"½"9.52 lb35 - 325 ft-lbs
Lithium Gun .712.85"3.47"11.12"2.58"¾"10.21 lb150 - 700 ft-lbs
Lithium Gun 112.85"3.47"11.44"2.58"¾"10.60 lb200 - 1,200 ft-lbs
Lithium Gun 213.20"3.47"11.44"3.18"1"14.20 lb325 - 2,000 ft-lbs
Lithium Gun 313.20"3.47"13.29"3.18"1"15.61 lb500 - 3,000 ft-lbs

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