Tentec WTF tensioners

WTF Series – Wind Turbine Foundation Series

The Tentec Aero WTF series is designed for foundation bolts of wind turbines both metric and imperial up to 75,000 PSI and 150,000 PSI class.


  • One Pull Stretch: 25 mm (1″) stroke length. The piston returns to resilience.
  • Larger passage through nut: because the concrete height is a bit more different, the construction allows for extra passage. Minimum remains 1 x diameter
  • Too short piercing: if the long stroke is a disadvantage, a standard stroke can also be delivered and stretched in 2 or more steps.
  • Swivel hose connection: the WTB series is standard equipped with a swivel hose connection so that the hose always runs optimally. As safe as working with 1,350 bar.
  • Nut run-down mechanism: thanks to a simple gear system, the nut can be easily turned down after pre-tensioning by means of a gearbox + manual wrench on the outside of the tensioner. This ensures consistency of the result in remaining bolt load, i.e. after the oil pressure is zero again. This gearbox construction also increases production.
  • Can optionally be fitted with a cycle counter.
  • Safety and reliability: The series has been in existence for more than 15 years and has been extensively tested in practice. All parts have a (safety) function.