HYTORC ICE with Washer System on turntable

No external reaction point means no longer damaging the turntable and without any pinch hazards. Bolting time was recuded by 50%, which means that the equipment paid for itself.

Application: Turntable.

HYTORC tooling: ICE and HYTORC Washer

Old method: Conventional hydraulic torque wrench.

Problem: Conventional methods damage the turntable, due to the reaction arm. Futhermore, our customer was looking for a faster and safer way to tighten bolts. The conventional bolting method took about 30-40 minutes.

Benefit: No external reaction point means no more damage to the turntable and no more pinch hazards. Bolting time was reduced to less than 15 minutes.

Turntable with HYTORC Washer System

This turntable is equipped with HYTORC Washers. This washer makes it possible to work without a reaction arm. No more pinch hazards, high accuracy and shorter bolting time.

Draaikrans met HYTORC Washers
Montage Hytorc Washer

Using the HYTORC Washer

The HYTORC Washer is placed under the nut, whith the knurled surface towards the flange.

Torquing with the ICE, without reaction arm

The ICE can be used for both conventional torquing (with reaction arm) and without reaction arm. The HYTORC ICE can even be used as a mechanical tensioner used with the HYTORC Nut. The total freedom swivel and the fully automated reaction pawl make this tool safer, faster and more accurate.

Torquen met de ICE, zonder reactiearm
Veiligheid, snelheid en nauwkeurigheid

Safety and speed!

All 48 bolts are tightened within 15 minutes thanks to the HYTORC Washer System. There is no safer and faster alternative!