jGun + TPF reaction fixture on press brake

HYTORC’s luchtaangedreven sleutels draaien continu en zorgen voor snelheid, nauwkeurigheid en veiligheid. De reactiearm vangt de tegenkracht op zodat de operator trillingsvrij werkt en nauwelijks inspanning hoeft te leveren.

Application: Concealed Allen bolts

HYTORC Tooling: jGUN with TPF reaction fixture.

Old method:  big click wrench

Problem: a lot of unsafe physical labor was involved

Old assembly time: 45 minutes

New assembly time: 15 minutes

Benefits: Faster, more accurate and less physical labor.

jGun + TPF reaction fixture

The pre-tension force can be built up continuously and stroke free.

jGUN + TPF reactiearm

jGUN + TPF reaction fixture

Both sockets are placed over or in the bolt heads. The probability of the operator becoming entrapped between reaction arm and support point is therefore eliminated. No damage to expensive coatings or the finished surface of your system components; support is gained from the neighbour bolt and not the flange, housing or pipe wall.

HYTORC jGUN + TPF reaction fixture

In the old situation all boltings jobs were done by hand with a click wrench. Nowadays bolting jobs are done with just one press of a button.