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Pneumatic pump systems

Hydraulic pump units are an essential part of a complete functioning system. HYTORC managed to build a technological lead during the development of pump units with this point of view. Our pumps are therefore specifically designed for optimal use with hydraulic torque wrenches. As a result, our pumps are among the lightest on the market, yet they provide the highest yield/weight ratio. In short, always portable and easily deployable anywhere.

The speed of rotation of the wrench/wrenches depends on the output of the pump. Most of our pumps are therefore fitted with a three-stage system unlike most standard pumps available in the market, which have two-stage systems. This results in a torque-speed that is 3 times higher.

Our air-powered pumps are also extremely silent.

Optionally we can provide your pumps with: lifting frames and EX-Proof qualification.

3 stage system

Hytorc pumps feature a 3-stage system, while standard pumps available in the market often only have a 2-stage system. This means that over a large part of the work area (100 to 300 bar) the speed of your tool is 3 times higher. Pump wear is also significantly limited as overflow is reduced.

4 stage pump

Remote control

The remote control only has two or three buttons and it has an ergonomic design to facilitate easy operation, even while wearing safety gloves.

Pressure adjustment valve

The pressure adjustment valve is ergonomically positioned for easy operation.


4-tool adapter

Most of our pump units are fitted with a 4-tool adapter that allows multiple tools to be connected to a single pump, thereby allowing a single operator to operate up to four tools simultaneously. Parallel closing of a flange and a leak-proof seal are also thereby guaranteed.

Fully automatic

Optionally the pumps can also be provided with an automatic function for the pump to work to the set pressure quickly and automatically.

JetPro12.3 hydraulic pump


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