Calibration, maintenance & repair

Tool maintenance ensures your tools are available for any task at any time. Annual maintenance will keep your tools safe to operate, extend the lifespan of your tools, keep them reliable and prevent replacement and repair costs.


Your hydraulic torque wrench and pump unit must be sufficient for the purpose you intended, i.e. they must accurately and safely loosen and tighten bolt connections. Your tools require maintenance to ensure they are available for these tasks at any time. Annual maintenance will extend the lifespan of your tools and make it safer to actually use these tools.


Bolted connections can only be accurately tightened to the right torque with a properly calibrated tool. In addition to maintenance, we also advise you to annually recalibrate your torque wrench and pump units, because shifts in torques may also occur during normal use.

Repair & Workshop

We can calibrate hydraulic, pneumatic and electric wrenches of any brand with our digital calibration bench. We can also quickly arrange any repairs by our expert technicians that your torque wrench and pump units may require as we have, among other things, an extensive range of spare parts available.

We plan all of the work in consultation with you. We can also provide transportation of your tools and provide you with adequate courtesy equipment so you can continue to operate.

Call +31 (0)24 3660660 and ask for the workshop manager for more information or to make an appointment.